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At RemodelRank, we were founded by a remodeling business owner striving to reduce the workload on fellow business owners. We know how stressful this business can be and it is our goal to reduce your stress levels and increase your profitability by providing cost effective solutions to scale your business.

Making A Global Impact

Our clients and team members span the globe.

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The RemodelRank team was founded to help increase remodeling business owners success by providing a comprehensive solution for backoffice support so you can focus on what you do best.

Our original team was put together by a fellow remodeling business owner after nearly experiencing bankruptcy with his remodeling business. The teams purpose at the time was to help him scale his business, reduce overhead costs, and decrease his overall workload at a cost effective price.

Since then we have begun offering our services to fellow owners. We believe the remodeling business is one of the most challenging and stressful businesses and we want to help you overcome!

Client-Centered Processes

We vet and train top-tier talent to deliver the best results for our clients.

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300+ avg. designs per client/year

Supportive Environment

It is such a pleasure to grow, learn, and flourish under such a company. Thank you so much for this incredible opportunity. I have learned so much from the KIMP Family. And I look forward to your continued guidance and help as I develop.



Creative Operations Manager

Fun On The Job

We work together virtually for the most part, but we always find ways to have fun on the job. Whether it’s making and sharing memes or sharing jokes and stories in our team meetings. Working at Kimp means fun on the job.



Motion Graphics Designer

Competitive Wages

As a designer there are a lot of ways to work with clients. But it can be hard to anticipate how much you can make. As a Kimp team member I don’t worry about that anymore. I make a competitive salary and there’s opportunities for increases based on performance too.




Room To Grow

One of the best things about working at Kimp for me has been the opportunity to grow. Whatever role you’re in, the Managers and Team Leads take notice of the effort you put in and provide the support and guidance you need to take on new positions.



Project Manager

A Global Experience

Every day we share wins and client feedback. It helps to see how our work impacts clients’ goals. And to learn about different industries from so many countries. As a designer, you can get stuck working on the same kinds of designs. But we get so much variety at Kimp.




An Open-Door Policy

No matter what role you have at Kimp you can always chime in to share ideas, make suggestions, or point out what could be better. Whether in meetings or 1:1 chats it helps to know that if there’s an issue, there’s always someone to help get it sorted.



Project Manager

RemodelRank Cares

RemodelRank has transformed our lives. And we want to keep paying that forward. RemodelRank Cares is a series of
initiatives we’ve launched to amplify the missions of charities and nonprofits. These initiatives include:

Ongoing Discounts

Promotional pricing for registered nonprofits and charities.

Skills Training

Workshops to support those in under-resourced communities.

Educational Initiatives

Donations to support educational programming and initiatives.

Our Values

We work remotely but our shared values help us stay connected.

Delight Our Clients

Aim to exceed client expectations in everything we do.

Grow Together

Lift each other up by sharing ideas and encouragement.

Celebrate Differences

Seek out, and learn from, new perspectives every day.

Deliver Results

Create awesome work that deliver results for clients.

Innovate Everyday

Find creative, efficient, solutions to problems.

Support Our Communities

Find ways to uplift the communities we work in and serve.

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